Cemetery Information

Open/Close Grave  $800.00 (funeral home to pay)

Plot/Deed                $250.00 (individual to pay)

Cremation Plot      $250.00 (individual to pay)

There is a $50 fee for opening a pre-purchased grave site for burial of cremation remains within a sealed container. This price will go up to $100 starting in January 2020.

A burial plot can contain one normal burial and three additional cremation urns in the same gravesite.


Description of Cremation Layouts:

Cremation burial per existing burial vault.  This is to be located at the bottom center of existing vault.

Description of layout:

2 @ head (regular head stone of families choice)

2 @ foot (must be ground level head stone for mowing purposes)

Some cemeteries require a cremation vault.  This will protect the urn for future dig in the same grave site.  This is recommended but not required.


Cemetery Trustees:

Kaye Hall

Jeremiah Kemp               516-669-4712

Paul (P.K.) Wilkinson     740-761-0052